Tutor Resources

Tutor Basics

Getting to Know Each Other – Handout (pdf)
Meeting Log (pdf)

Study Tips and Other Teaching Resources

Study Skills Resource Page
U of T Writing Support – advice on academic writing
Child Behaviour Management Skills (Danny Anckle workshop) [PDF]
Reading Comprehension Exercises
Schoolhouse Technologies – free worksheet creation software
Enchanted Learning – free worksheets
Kiva U – free worksheets
Super Teacher Worksheets – free worksheets
The Learning Page – free teaching resources
How to Study and Learn Effectively – Techniques & Methods
Online College Courses – links to various open college courses, including education, teaching, writing.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Resources

Dave’s ESL Café
English Learner
OWL Handouts (Purdue University)
OnLine English Grammar
GrammarCheck with OnLine Editor
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Settlement.org)
ESL Volunteer Teaching Guide (Colorado State University)
Ministry of Education Ontario ESL and ELD Resource Guide, Grades 1 – 8 (pdf)
English as a Second Language Resources
Everything ESL
Wyzant ESL lessons and help

Puzzles and Fun

Puzzle Choice

Frontier College Press & Resources

Current Frontier College Resources – http://www.frontiercollege.ca/About-Us/Resources

A Tutor’s Guide – Reading and Writing with Children and Youth – June 2008 [PDF]
Literacy Tutor’s Survival Guide (2000)
Strategies for Students with Special Education Needs (2015) [PDF]
Approaches to Learning [PDF]
The Peanut Butter and Jelly Guide to Organizing a Homework Club (1996)
A Tutor’s Guide: Reading and Writing with Youth (1997)
Writing Ideas
Palindrome Examples
Krump and Jaffy
101 Ways to Praise a Child
Tips on Reading with Your Baby
Tips for Reading with Children
Reading Circles
Reading Circle & Book Buddy Handbook (2000)
Children as Reading Partners
Choosing Books for Your Reading Circle
Behaviour Management for Reading Circles
Affect of Violence on Learning
What to do if a child discloses abuse
Heroes of Frontier College
Creating a Love of Reading, by John Daniel O’Leary
The City Is the Classroom, by John Daniel O’Leary


Ontario Ministry of Education: Curriculum and School Year Calendar

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